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Alison Dougan (nee Jenkins)
Age When Started Highland Dancing
4 Years Old
Reason For Starting Highland Dancing
My older cousin Jane was a Highland Dancer and I always wanted to go along to classes with her when I was young.
Favorite Dance
The Irish Jig as you can really let your hair down!
Favorite Competition
Airth Games as it's our local competition and is always well attended by family and friends.
Highlight of Dancing Career
Seeing my daughter Anna winning her first medal last year.
Funniest Dancing Moment
Performing on stage in France and only afterwards realising that I had danced without a vital part of my costume - I won't say which part...but we won first prize!
Kilt Tartan
Dress Red Cunningham (if I could fit into it!)
What Do You Enjoy About Teaching?
You get such satisfaction from seeing the dancers achievements.
Other Hobbies / Interests
Being a busy mum of two, eating and paragliding (one of these is a lie)