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Kayleigh Kristina Boardman
Age When Started Highland Dancing
8 Years Old
Reason For Starting Highland Dancing
I tried Ballet but wasnít too keen on it and when I saw a friend dancing highland at school I thought Iíd give it a try and have done it ever since.

Favorite Dance
I quite like the jig because you can pull funny faces and be mad, but I love choreography.
Favorite Competition
Aberdeen; the memories I have of that place; we go every year for a weekend and go shopping and have fun....especially the mums but thatís another story.
Highlight of Dancing Career
Winning the Class Overall Trophy a few years ago; it was so unexpected!!
Funniest Dancing Moment
Thereís a few, most of which involve my underskirt being tucked into my pants.
Kilt Tartan
Royal Blue Dress Menzies
What Do You Enjoy About Teaching?
Passing on my knowledge of the dances to the wee ones and seeing them learn it; their faces when they know theyíve done well and get to choose their stickers.
Other Hobbies / Interests
Iím currently studying towards an honours degree in veterinary nursing and Iím into animal welfare.  Achieved my gold award in the Duke of Edinburgh Award and have recently become a leader for my school.  I love driving about in my car and watching Doctor Who.