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Kristen Gardiner
Age When Started Highland Dancing
6 Years Old
Reason For Starting Highland Dancing
I always wanted to dance and heard at School about Highland Dancing. I asked my Mum to take me and I haven't stopped!
Favorite Dance
I love the Sailors Hornpipe as the steps are lovely to watch and dance, and it is very energetic.
Favorite Competition
Airth Highland Games as it was my first competition 15 years ago. I won my first medal - a 2nd Place!
Highlight of Dancing Career
Going on dance trips with the girls - Learning about different cultures and making new friends.
Funniest Dancing Moment
I kicked my Swords at a competition as I was trying to talk to my wee friend during the dance. My dance teacher gave me a talking too but then went on to dance her Swords and kicked them too!
Kilt Tartan
Dress Cerise Menzies, Dress McBeth and Dress Red McKeller.
What Do You Enjoy About Teaching?
I love it because you get a feeling you can't describe when you see children you have taught do well.
Other Hobbies / Interests
Playing football, going out with friends and family. I am also learning the bagpipes!