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 Laura Boyle
Age When Started Highland Dancing
6 Years Old
Reason For Starting Highland Dancing
Friends from my Primary School went and used to teach me in the Playground, so I asked my Mum to take me to the Class.
Favorite Dance
The Reel because you get to dance with other people and swing them round as fast as you want!
Favorite Competition
Aberdeen Highland Games as we go for the weekend and have lots of fun with my dancing friends. Also, if you win prizes the money is great!
Highlight of Dancing Career
Competing with dancers from the SOBHD who are really good and being placed on the prize list with them.
Funniest Dancing Moment
When I was dancing at Dollar Academy with Dani and it was pouring with rain, the pipers were playing around us and everytime I took a step to dance I fell flat on my back X 4! Not only was this embarrassing but Dani's mum has got it all on film!
Kilt Tartan
Dress Blue Eildon
What Do You Enjoy About Teaching?
I love to see all the younger dancers trying so hard when they are given corrections and I especially like the stories and cuddles I get from the first Class!
Other Hobbies / Interests
Shopping, meeting up with friends and learning to drive.