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Laura Collister (nee Jenkins)
Age When Started Highland Dancing
6 Years Old
Reason For Starting Highland Dancing
My big sister Alison had been dancing for years and I just decided to give it a try!
Favorite Dance
I enjoyed dancing all the Highland Dances (yeah, even the Swords!). My favorite dance to teach is the Swords, as it is the biggest challenge for Beginners and they are always so happy when they finally master it!
Favorite Competition
I always look forward to Airth Highland Games, as our dancers are always well supported by friends and family. As a dancer I enjoyed dancing at the City of Edinburgh Championships in Portobello Town Hall.
Highlight of Dancing Career
Every overseas trip is a highlight, as our pupils are always a credit to our class. Each time I see the girls dance for a foreign crowd I feel a great sense of pride!
Funniest Dancing Moment
It is difficult to select a particular moment, as our dancing mums have given us so many funny moments over the years..luckily for them, I'm not going to go into details here. All I'll say is "where's the beach?".
Kilt Tartan
My last kilt was the Dress Earl of Skye. It is now being worn by one of my pupils, who not only looks better in it, but dances better in it too!!!!
What Do You Enjoy About Teaching?
I enjoy the satisfaction you get every time a pupil learns a new movement / step / dance, and they work hard to perfect it.
Other Hobbies / Interests
Between looking after Eva and teaching, I don't have much spare time at the moment so any time I do have, I enjoy chilling out at home!