Irish Jig Jenkins Highland Dancer Nicola Jenkins Airth 137th Highland Games

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Nicola Jenkins
Age When Started Highland Dancing
Reason For Starting Highland Dancing
My Grandma knew the person who worked in the old place where we used to have our lessons, I went along to try it out and it all started from there.
Favorite Dance
I love choreography dances. I dont have a favourite competition dance.
Favorite Competition
I don't really have a favourite competition.
Highlight of Dancing Career
Going to Germany and Aberdeen. We always have a great time!.
Funniest Dancing Moment
Dancing the "Flilt" (half flora half Lilt) when I was about 7 in front of a large audience.
Kilt Tartan
What Do You Enjoy About Teaching?
Knowing that you are helping the kids and seeing them progress. Its also great to get to know the children.
Other Hobbies / Interests
Shopping!! I love music and singing along. Also enjoy going out with friends.